Happy 4th to the agitators, advocates, teachers, historians, organizers, rabble rousers, intellectuals, laborers, and muckrakers.

To the pacifists, feminists, activists, multiculturalists, socialists, idealists, environmentalists, and abolitionists (past, present, and future).

To the cranks, cynics, iconoclasts, essayists, visionaries, immigrants, civil libertarians, critics, and protesters.

To the heirs of Paine, Chavez, Fuller, Moses, Powderly, Schneiderman, Joseph, Douglass, Debs, Wells, Sinclair, DuBois, Brown, Huerta, Davis, Tenskwatawa, Chisholm, Milk, Korematsu, Riis, X, Paul, Darrow, Turner, Hayden, Simone, Tarbell, Phillips, Jones, Height, Grimké, and King.

To those who see things as they never where, and ask why not.

To the patriots.


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