“Treasured Lands” at the Museum of Science

This year, the Boston Museum of Science is exhibiting a beautiful collection of National Parks photos from photographer QT Luong. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend having a look: Luong presents a gorgeous array of scenes from each of the country’s 59 National Parks (not including historic sites or monuments – just the parks), and seems to have been the first to do so. Most of the shots are full landscape, with a few detail shots, in vibrant color. He’s able to capture the majesty and mystery of these sites perfectly. Visit his site for images and his forthcoming book. One of my favorites (and before you object, there wasn’t a single “no photography” sign in sight):

“Kabetogama Lake, Voyageurs National Park”, Q.T. Luong

That shouldn’t be the only reason to visit the Science Museum, of course. This was my first trip in years, and my son’s first experience there. It’s changed a ton, though certain elements remain – the Van der Graaff Generator was a bit too scary for a three-year old, but he certainly loved the space capsule:

Henry enjoys the Apollo Command Module at Boston’s Museum of Science


New exhibits are worth the visit as well. We only saw a few; a particular highlight was “The Human Life” where you can measure yourself against other visitors in such things as balance, walking efficiency, and even ear length (My ear is 2.5 inches long, in case anyone was wondering). Sadly, Henry is still too young for a trip to my favorite part of the museum: the Mugar Omni Theater, where we could have caught the “National Parks Adventure” film to celebrate the NPS centennial.



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