My wife and I recently took our son Henry to Legoland in Somerville, a town just north of Boston. One of my favorite features was a room with Lego versions of some of the biggest Boston landmarks. I didn’t get shots of everything, but it’s interesting to see how the city is depicted in a kid-friendly Lego manner. A few of the shots are below.

For those of you who know Boston, these are definitely not geographically accurate; While Bunker Hill and the Constitution are both in Charlestown, they’re not next to one another, and Revere’s House, the Old South Meeting House, and the Tea Party ship are not that close. But it’s an interesting exercise in historical grouping of major historical landmarks; I especially appreciate the closeness of the new and old State Houses, which while at least fairly close together in Boston itself are not across the street. Still, it creates an interesting alternate Boston composed entirely of postcard subjects – a kind of tourist-only city.

And that Fenway Park is just awesome.


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