New York/Canada/Pennsylvania Trip

Today, my family and I will be headed into New York on our way to Toronto.  We”l be stopping frequently due to the presence of a toddler; we’re building most legs of the trip around nap time.  We’ll also be visiting family in northwestern PA.  All of this means extra stops for cemeteries for me!  On the itinerary:

  • Albany Rural Cemetery in Colonie, NY: President and Vice President Chester Alan Arthur and newspaper editor/political kingmaker Thurlow Weed (both of whose graves I photographed on a previous trip); Supreme Court Justices William Paterson and Rufus Peckham; and Secretary of State William Marcy.
  • Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY: Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman; Secretary of State William Seward; Speaker of the House Theodore Pomeroy
  • Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY: Abolitionist and all-time favorite American Frederick Douglass; Women’s Suffrage and Rights activist Susan B. Anthony
  • Kodak Park, Rochester, NY: George Eastman, founder of the Kodak Corporation
  • Ontario Parliament Building, Toronto, ON
  • Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY: President and Vice President Millard Fillmore; Civil Rights icon, Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm; Native American leader Red Jacket; Soul/R&B singer Rick James
  • Woodlawn Cemetery, Titusville, PA: Muckraker and anti-monopoly activist Ida Tarbell
  • Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, PA: Supreme Court Justice Henry Baldwin
  • Bemus Point Cemetery, Ellery Center, NY: Supreme Court Justice Bainbridge Colby
  • Lake View Cemetery, Jamestown, NY: Actress and Comedienne Lucille Ball
  • Maple Grove Cemetery, Frewsburg, NY: Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
  • Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY: Author and Satirist Mark Twain
  • Ouleout Valley Cemetery, Franklin, NY: Photographer and muckraking journalist Lewis Hine
We’ll be gone for a week or so.  I’ll post a couple quick hits from the road, but a longer recap and photos will follow when we get back.

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